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Coimec Coibentazioni Termoacustiche SPA

Customized thermal and acoustic insulation

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Coimec deals with thermo-acoustic insulation for the construction and industrial sectors. Its services include thermal and acoustic insulation, the installation of scaffolding, dry construction, the supply of windows and doors, the remediation of asbestos and FAV (Artificial Glass Fibres), the energy efficiency of buildings and EI compartmentation (fire protection). The company operates internationally, with offices in several European countries.
COIMEC is a company of the COIMEC/ISOLMEC Group, an Italian group operating in the construction/industrial sector with a staff of employees and collaborators of over 250 units in the construction sites, based in the headquarters of Cormano (MI) - where the offices, warehouses and production plants are located for over 4,000 square meters - and in foreign offices in France, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland and Croatia.

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TOTAL Temparossa Project

  • Maximum operational efficiency and safety in the workplace achieved
  • Implemented a performance quality system in a highly specialized, high risk environment.
TOTAL Temparossa Project